What is Road Rage and How to Avoid It

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  2. June 10, 2013 9:18 pm

What is Road Rage and How to Avoid It

Road rage is the cause of many traffic accidents and fatalities across the country every year. This phenomenon, characterized by aggressive behavior behind the wheel, affects millions of drivers every day. While most people chalk road rage up to the usual frustrations of driving, this aggressive state can be deadly.

According to the Automobile Association of America (AAA), nearly 1,500 people are killed in road rage and other aggressive driving incidents each year. Operating a vehicle in such a manner that it puts the safety of other drivers at risk is considered aggressive driving, and these incidents can quickly turn to rage. People involved in road rage often:

– Scream expletives at other drivers

– Tailgate, honk or flash their lights at other drivers

– Exit their cars and assault other drivers

Avoiding Dangerous Road Rage
In some cases, these road rage incidents end in death. Numerous people have been killed when simple fender benders and traffic incidents turn into blinding rage. Even incidents that don’t end in death can be devastating. Motorists have been known to ram other cars, physically assault other drivers and strike fear into those who cross them on the road.

There are several theories about the factors that lead to road rage. In many cases, frustration over traffic delays can lead to flared tempers. The anonymity of driving also causes otherwise calm and law-abiding citizens to turn to aggression and rage.

While you cannot control how other drivers will react on the road, you can lessen the likelihood that you will be involved in a road rage incident. Leaving enough time to reach your destination will allow you to deal with any traffic delays that may occur. Allow yourself to calm down before reacting to other drivers in traffic.

Road rage is a pervasive poison that makes driving hazardous. Arrive alive by taking steps to avoid road rage.

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